Ten Essential Skills for Doctors @Medici_Manager

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We look at some of the essential skills a doctor would need to have a great career.

1.Verbal communication skills. A doctor needs to be able to speak clearly, hear well and observe patients to effectively diagnose their ailments.

2. Motor skills. Doctors need to have a high degree of hand-eye skills to be able to safely and effectively examine patients, use instruments like the stethoscope, otoscope and ophthalmoscope, as well as a wide range of diagnostic equipment. You’ll need to have motor skills appropriate to perform general and emergency medical care to patients.

3. Intellectual skills. As a doctor, you’ll need to be able to calculate, analyze in a timely fashion, and under sometimes stressful conditions.

4. Social skills. To effectively care for patients, doctors must be emotionally healthy, mature, sensitive and honest. You’ll need to have good judgment and compassion when diagnosing and treating patients.

5. Observational skills. To work effectively as a doctor, you’ll need to be able to observe patients so that you can assess and evaluate patients’ conditions.

6. Physical skills. Healthcare involves a lot of walking and standing, and you’ll sometimes be required to maneuver patients in or out of bed, into chairs, onto gurneys and even up off the floor.

7. Written skills. Doctors must be able to note patient information on charts, make notes about medications and patient behavior, leave notes for nurses, pharmacists and aides.

8. Computer skills. Your schooling will involve a certain degree of computer use in labs and when writing papers. In the profession, you’ll find that computers have become a common tool in health care, and you’ll need to feel comfortable updating patient information on computers.

9. Continuing education skills. You must be able to continually stay abreast of developments in your profession through conferences, classes, and journal reading.

10. Business skills. Whether you choose to practice in a hospital or a private setting, your ability to understand basic business procedures is essential.

Doctors are some of the most respected individuals in the world, and if you have the desire to become a part of this field and these skills, you’re well on your way to success.

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