How does an organization create breakthrough performance?

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With alignment and focus.

Aligning executive teams, business units, human resources, information technology, and financial resources to an organization’s strategy is just half the battle. The way organizations communicate strategies is critical in forging alignment and executing strategy successfully.

Hear an industry-wide representation of C-suite executives from around the globe share their views and experiences on how they unlocked and realized value from their strategic initiatives and drove results to the bottom line.

Only joking. This bilge was vomited into my inbox this morning, an advert for some balanced scorecard event sponsored by the Economist and Harvard Business Review. Must be good with all these prestigious organisations, it still leaves me with a question…

What’s so special about running an organisation that it requires you to talk like a dick?

There is nothing special. Not to make you talk like a dick anyway. Not being in charge, how do…

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