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This a guest post from Khaled El Mor on Leaders, Respect and why you need more than that, in order to create Sustainable Leadership.

Khaled Elmor, Egyptian. Has engineering back ground, has 23 years of working experience working for multinational organization, currently leading the MEA IT organization at Henkel Sustainable Leadership – by Khaled El Mor

Whenever I ask somebody to provide a feedback about a person, they normally conclude the feedback sharing how much he like that person and how far they respect them.

Often, seeing a person you like gives you a good feeling inside, or makes you smile. Indeed, you might find it hard to put into words exactly why you like somebody, but you know you do.

There is a lot of work in Psychology showing that you can come to like someone not because of anything they have done, but just because you tend to feel good when you are around them.

In business environment, and life, we feel good with people who are warm to us, who radiate positive energy, who recognize us and are taking care of us and our interests. In some cases we like those who just own sense of humor and may not necessary to be high performers.

Respect is earned, through respecting both yourself and others.

Respect is accorded to those who conduct themselves with integrity and treat others with dignity regardless of their culture, religion, and beliefs.

When people “walk their talk”, when what they say and what they do are in alignment, when they keep their promises consistently, this is a signs that someone lives with integrity, and they earn the respect of people.

Also respect is linked with the esteem of somebody vision, excellence, a personal quality, and ability. Sometimes you may respect somebody but don’t like him, or like somebody but don’t respect, from my view to have sustained success as a Leader, it is necessary to be liked and respected.

If you have only one of them, then it is not sustainable for bosses to be considered a leader.

The combination of like and respect enable leaders: to inspire their people; to get their trust; to get them to follow them; and most importantly ensure peoples utmost support specially in tough time. Imagine a boss neither liked nor respected … How he can influence his people, this is the case where people normally leave the organization (leaving their bosses).

The challenge is, nobody can force anybody to like or respect them, this has to be earned.

This is the case of new Egyptian President, months after the election, a lot of people neither Like him nor Respect him, but are stuck with him.

The problem here is the people can’t resign from the country, and keep struggling for their own freedom and dignity.

Come the next election, the people will have the chance to make a change, and bring an end to this Unsustainable Leadership.

If you want to create Sustainable Leadership then focus on both being respected and liked

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