How to survive a bad manager @Medici_Manager @timkastelle @berkun

Is your manager:

  • Inconsistent: Says one thing, does something else.
  • Arrogant. Always believes they are right, and makes sure you know it.
  • Egocentric. Makes every issue and decision about them.
  • Doesn’t listen: is offered advice but ignores it before even considering it.
  • Self-centered: Doesn’t support, encourage or look out for their team.
  • Mean/Abusive: Makes people feel bad for no reason.
  • Micro-manager: Refuses to delegate anything, despite what they say.
  • Coward: Backs down whenever challenged.
  • Isolated: doesn’t involve others in decisions, and rarely looks for ways to support/encourage the work of their team.
  • Incompetent: Lacks basic communication, intellectual, or emotional skills needed to for their role.
  • Checked out: Isn’t committed to their work or their team?

Read this Scott Berkun’s post!

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