2012′s Top Ten Insights on Leadership, Innovation, and Strategy @Medici_Manager @LDRLB

It’s the end of another year and that could only mean one thing: lists. As you reflect on 2012 and look forward to 2013, LDRLB did some reflecting too – on the most popular content on 2012. The following ten posts were our top read pieces written in 2012.

Setting Effective Organizational Goals – Sean Conrad on why most organizations fail at goal-setting and how to avoid their fate.

Six Ways to Drive Employee Performance and Motivation – David Burkus on what really motivates performance.

Five Ways to Spot a Leader in the Wild – Scott McDowell on how to judge top leadership talent.

Four Scientifically Proven Steps to Mastering Change – Matthew May with an evidence-based approach to changing your own mind.

Strategy is About Choice – David Burkus on how developing strategy is just as much about what you choose not to pursue.

Ten Questions to Inspire Innovation – Soren Kaplan with ten questions that can be used to evoke more creative thinking.

Why Culture and Strategy Should Eat Breakfast Together – Max McKeown argues that the “culture trumps strategy; strategy trumps culture” debate is irrelevant.

The Difference Between Strategists and Strategic Planners – John Bell with what really matters when developing strategy.

Engaging Exceptional Talent – Tim Vanderpyl on how to develop and retain top talent.

Three Ways to Make Your Leadership Relevant – John Baldoni on how context, circumstance, and consequence power leadership relevance.

We’re hard at work writing outstanding content and booking thought leaders for 2013. Above all else, we owe you all an extra special thank you. Without your support, we wouldn’t have the outstanding community that we all enjoy. Thank You and Happy New Year!


david http://bit.ly/THuKSP


David Burkus is the editor of LDRLB. He writes, speaks, and serves on the faculty of management at Oral Roberts University’s College of Business.

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