How to design and plan population based systems by @muirgray – @Medici_Manager

Muir Gray


I will present the approach we use in designing and planning population based systems of care in ten short blogs. (see the first 8:

Here are the ten steps:

  • Define the scope of the system.
  • Define the population to be served.
  • Reach agreement on the aim and objectives of the service.
  • For each objective find one or more criteria.
  • For each of the criteria identify levels of performance that can be used as quality standards.
  • Identify all the resources used in the system, thus creating a system budget.
  • Define all the partners so that they need to be engaged in a clinical network.
  • Produce a system specification.
  • Prepare a plan to build the system.

Muir Gray is visiting professor of knowledge management, Nuffield Department of Surgery, University of Oxford.

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