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FMLM Conference 2012

Four Nations, One Challenge – Improving patient outcomes
16-17 October 2012
Venue: Manchester Central, Manchester, M2 3GX

Join the smartest minds in medicine: those that recognise the importance of leadership in making tomorrow better for our patients.

FMLM’s first annual conference will bring together FMLM’s diverse and multi-specialty membership to offer an exciting agenda. In this Olympic year, the conference will draw on lessons from sport which focuses on performance and excellence, and will rethink how best to imagine and then achieve success; how to take decisions and implement them; and how to celebrate and reward achievement for individuals and teams.

Uniquely, the four workstreams of the conference will be charged with making recommendations for FMLM’s future strategy. These will be brought together in what promises to be a exceptional final session. The themes which will form our roadmap to success are:

  • Healthy doctors
  • Effective medical leadership
  • Commissioning 2015
  • Value for patients

This is the must attend event for anyone looking to improve quality for our patients and achieve essential efficiencies in these challenging times.

Reflecting FMLMs diverse membership, delegates will range from senior medical leaders in primary care, public health and secondary care, consultants and GPs, to the medical leaders and managers of the future – doctors in postgraduate training and medical students. Click here for the Benefits of attending.

Registration is free for Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management members and associates. Click here to secure your place.

Non-Member conference rates are:

Early bird rate* Full rate
 One day Two days  One day  Two days
  Public, Charity and Voluntary sector  £226  £375  £330  £575
  Private sector  £582  £965  £790 £1375

*Early bird price is available up to and including Mon 3 September 2012.

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