Max Hardy in http://www.twyfords.com.au/news-and-media/our-blog/finding-the-facts-of-healthcare-consumer-engagement-and-shared-decisionmaking

Just what is the general attitude of Australian health professionals to the practice of consumer and community engagement and shared decision-making?

That’s the very question we sought to answer via Twyfords’ just-completed national survey. Targeted at a wide cross-section of health professionals including executives, administrators, clinicians, academics and policy designers, our questionnaire was designed to ascertain:

• the perceived value of engagement in improving healthcare strategies
• the perceived value of shared decision-making in improving health outcomes
• the extent to which engagement and shared decision-making initiatives are resourced
• the types of benefits derived from engagement and shared decision-making
• the prevailing awareness around various methodologies

As far as we know, ours is one of the first attempts to examine and understand attitudes towards consumer engagement and shared decision-making within the Australian health sector.

Lack of benefit awareness

One message that rings out loud and…

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