The annual pioneer lecture from Sir Muir Gray and Quality in Healthcare AGM @muirgray

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, LONDON, W1G 0AE

We are delighted to announce the new date for Quality in Healthcare’s annual pioneer lecture after postponement last year due to illness.

This meeting will be preceded by the Quality in Healthcare Annual General Meeting at 5.15 pm in the Wimpole Room. For more information please contact the coordinator

Formal registration for this meeting will begin at 5.30 pm in the main foyer.

This year’s lecture will be given by Sir Muir Gray, Director of Better Value Healthcare, Co-director of NHS Rightcare programme and former Chief Knowledge Officer to the National Health Service. Sir Muir’s reflective session will examine and evaluate the last 40 years of National Health provision in Britain. We begin the evening with a reflection from Quality in Healthcare’s ‘Travelling Fellowship’ recipient from the last academic session which will consider the measures and checks in place within the Czech healthcare service. Sir Muir’s contemplative session will then address quality improvement and initiatives within our own National Health Service during his tenure. Dr Wilson (PwC) will then add his own summary of Sir Muir’s long-reaching influence and actions. We then round off the evening with an open session in which delegates are encouraged to bring their own opinions regarding the next steps in healthcare and quality improvement. Register now online or send this booking form back to the address overleaf to guarantee your place.

5.15 pm The Quality in Healthcare Section AGM
For section members only
5.30 pm Registration and refreshments
6.00 pm Welcome from the chair and opening remarks
6.10 pm Keeping Czech on Quality in healthcare: Lessons from an RSM Fellowship
Alex Almoudaris, Winner of the 2010/11 academic session Travelling Fellowship award to Prague
6.30 pm Disrupter, agent provocateur, agitator- personal reflections on Sir Muir Gray (come ready with your own stories)
Dr Tim Wilson, GP, Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
7.30 pm The next ten years; what would we like Muir to do next?
Open discussion
8.00 pm Completion of evaluation forms and close of meeting
Meeting ref: QUC03

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