Doctors, Patients and Social Media [Infographic] @Cartasso


How are Doctors connecting to the social media revolution?  There are serious issues with providing any sort of medical advice online, and it seems that physicians have a dilemma when it comes to interacting with their patients — do they accept the friend request or not?  This is clearly something that will come up more with social networks as we are required to determine the scope of friendships with those that we know (and may be a reason that Google+’s Circles may have some long term appeal).

The folks at Mesothelioma Page have provided an infographic which looks at the relationship and reveals a few interesting statistics.  The most popular doctor on the web is DrOz from the TV show, with 1,105,246 followers.  He is followed by a series of other well-known Doctors, and it seems that while they don’t all tweet with the same level of consistency, the best of them get retweeted often.  This underscores the idea that good medical tips can go a long way.  That’s also part of the problem, though, as a Doctor may be liable for the advice he gives online.

The other area the infographic examines is the idea of a secure online physician network, which most Doctors seem interested in.  Check out the stats below and let us know what you think.



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