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Professor Sir Muir Gray in The Third Healthcare Revolution

Health Services are in crisis, everywhere. More of the same is not the answer. A new paradigm is needed and we have set up  Better Value Healthcare to help people move to that new paradigm. We have developed resources and packaged them into ten solutions. These are delivered in a rage of ways – online, on paper and face to face

This particular site also summarises  the resources I have been producing since entering the public health service. My first article on culture was published in The Lancet in 1977, my first on how systems could increase healthcare value in the same journal in 1983. since then i have had many opportunities to develop these ides , and been educated by many many wonderful colleagues. For example the opportunity to create  national screening programmes which screened about 8 or 9 million people a year allowed me to learn about systems and networks, and the importance of treating citizens as intelligent equals. The opportunity to create the National Library for Health, now manifest as NHS Evidence and NHS Choices let me learn about knowledge quality and the Internet and mu long standing interest in language, the focus of my 1977 paper, and the opportunity to mingle with the anthropologists and philosophers of Oxford has helped me develop my ideas on culture and these five drivers, citizens, knowledge, . the Internet, systems and culture will dominate the next five years work.

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