HTA in Integrated Care for a Patient Centered System, Bilbao, June 25-27, 2012

We are delighted to invite you to Bilbao in June 2012 for the 9th Annual Meeting of Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi).

Health care systems are facing challenges such as multiple entry points, inappropriate use of costly and scarce resources, waiting lists, and poor communication of information between institutions and health care practitioners.

Many countries around the world face a growing elderly population, and health technology and health systems have led to a reduction in mortality rates from certain diseases, which have become chronic. This is putting increased pressure on institutions and health care practitioners to provide medical care in the most cost-effective way. To address this issue, the concept of \”integrated care\” has emerged as a response to these challenges.

New technological solutions are being developed parallel to integrated health care: Telemedicine, point-of-care devices and ICTs generate new challenges for health technology assessment. There are experiences in motion which can be shared and discussed, and methodological approaches which can serve as core models for tailored interventions in different contexts.

We are planning a high quality scientific meeting which will allow health care practitioners, researchers, policy makers, industry representatives, consumer and patient organizations and other stakeholders to explore and share recent approaches for HTA to deal with these challenges.

The choice of Bilbao in the Basque Country in northeastern Spain as the venue for this prestigious conference in 2012 affords delegates from all over the world a unique opportunity to come together in this welcoming city with a great social and industrial life and to enjoy its culture and social heritage.

We are proud to be hosting this conference on behalf of HTAi, and look forward to meeting you in Bilbao.

In our mother tongue we will warmly tell you:


(Welcome to Bilbao!)

Dr José Asua
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee.
Director of Knowledge Management and Health Assessment of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Basque Country.

Rosa Rico-Iturrioz
Co-chair of the Local Organizing Committee.
Head of Osteba, Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs.

Iñaki Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea
Head of the Secretariat of the Local Organizing Committee.
Knowledge Manager of Osteba, the Basque Office for HTA. Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs.

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