External Quality Assurance is intended to reveal where the best intentions of good practice fall down.  It shows how individual laboratory’s numerical results compare when examining a batch of identical samples sent to multiple labs.

Fortunately, it also exposes accreditation’s inability to assure consistent results between labs, although no explicit comparison between accredited and non-accredited labs has been done.  Nor has anyone investigated whether individual labs’ performance can be improved over time by accreditation.  That is a very curious omission considering a) the legal and commercial coercion to be accredited, and b) the understanding the medical staff have of assessing the strength of evidence in clinical trials.

Victims of ISO 9001 who are honest know that it doesn’t work.  They’ve known it for a long time.  This is why the cartel member that has been allocated your country tries to get labs to advertise itself on victim company’s literature by telling them they are…

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