Quali sono le chiavi del successo usando il metodo “lean”?

CEO CONSIDERATIONSWhat Are a CEO’s Keys to Success with “Lean”?
Properly executed as a core of a complete business strategy, “Deep Lean” can produce a trifecta for a healthcare organization — dramatically improving quality, financial results and satisfaction among both patients and staff.  However, most hospital lean implementations fall far short of what is possible, and some implementations ignore fundamental people values necessary for success. This issue of CEO Considerations — reissued by request — helps health care CEO’s zero in on the key things they need to know and do to succeed with a performance transformation based on so-called “lean” principles.
 A CEO’s Keys to Success With “Lean”1. Frame it in your mind as a whole-organization leadership system, not a set of quality-improvement projects and tools.

2. Be eager to “lead the learning.”  HealthEast CEO and former ThedaCare President Kathryn Correia says “How can I lead what I don’t know?” Being in front of the learning lets you be more confident about what to do next, and also models the core behavior you need from everyone.

3. Define the measures of success (quality/safety, cost and lead time / throughput) and maintain the focus on customers and business value on all those dimensions.  Lean correctly focuses on radically improving the processes that produce the results, but the leader has to make sure people are paying attention to the results, through regular checks, reviews and consultations.

4.  Go to “Gemba” (Shop Floor) say the Japanese — where the work is actually done.  Lean will help you focus the whole institution on where the value is actually produced in the organization, the front line, but only if you consistently model getting there and seeing, asking, listening, learning and coaching.

5. Focus on maintaining a safe environment — emotional, professional and physical.  Lean forces a lot of problems into the open that normally just “flow on by.”  Each layer of management below you will be very threatened if you are not actively generating positive energy around the problems “surfacing” and modeling the energetic engagement with Lean principles to get the problems solved, permanently.

6. Own it.  Obviously, there is a lot of “doing” that others will lead, but no staff person should have cause to think you have “delegated” Lean to anyone, including lean experts.  This is a critical mistake most hospital CEOs make.  Paul O’Neill, our chairman, says “show me a company that brags about its equal opportunity office, and I will show you a company without equal opportunity.”  The same is true for Lean — it needs to be “the way we are learning to run our business, starting with me.”

7.  Coach, encourage and support — especially your direct reports (all of them need to be deeply involved).   The feel in the executive suite should be of you putting your arm around each member of your team, saying “this is the way we are going.  It’s not going to be easy, but we’re going to get there together.  Now let’s have at it.”

8. Establish an incentive system.  Start with recognition (which always needs to be maintained) and add shared financial incentives once you can confidently base them on true value creation vs. gaming and sub-optimization.

9. Regular communication (of course), usually with a concrete teaching and support focus.  Show real work.  Tell what it’s teaching the people involved and what the organization can learn from it.

10. Constantly draw more people and areas into the doing.  Everyone in the organization needs to know it’s about them.



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