Live & Learn

Personal Behavior Pattern Observed: 

Major deliverable assigned.  Have several weeks advance notice.  Weeks click down.  Put off preparation. Then half-heartedly start framing work. Set it aside.  Get distracted.  Deliverable constantly looming, hanging, distracting, irritating and making me irritable.  Sleepless nights.  Clock ticking down.  Tell myself I’ll get to it during the weekend. (Right)  Weekend comes and goes.  Monday arrives.  1.5 days to go.  Scrambling now. Can feel heart pumping.  Grinding teeth. Anxiety screaming.  Finish.  Deliver request.  Passed without giving blood…yet internal organs are still rattling.  

Post Game Review: C+ (Gracious self assessment.) 

Behavior of Colleague Observed:

Preparation commences weeks in advance.  Back to back meetings scheduled.  Full team engaged.  Countless hours of preparation.  Brainstorming.  Discussions. Planning.  Drafts.  Work.  Re-work.  Ideas and issues are socialized with key constituents and decision makers attending meeting.  Project rehearsed.  Project presentation flawless.  No surprises.  Senior management feedback: Rally Hats On!  “Wow.”

Post Game…

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