Provocatorio, ma utile per una riflessione critica.


Consider these charts that show possible dose-response relationships of medicines.  Also of poisons.  Why has no similar research been done on the effects of accreditation?  Does that fact that is imposed by legislation and marketplace coercion imply that testing will show no benefit?

The cartel would like you to believe that accreditation produces the effect shown in B.

I don’t think so.  Accreditation may improve a poor lab that would not thrive in a competitive market anyway.  For most, it impairs performance.  It would also impair profitability if it weren’t for the coercive aspect of accreditation being enforced by several mechanisms including legislation and misrepresentation. EQA scheme organisers have noticed a decline in labs’ performance when they become accredited.

Let’s see the research to prove which of the dose-response relationships applies to the record-keeping obsession.  Otherwise, let’s see the end of the inspection cartel that was founded as a home for redundant…

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