Live & Learn

“A few months after I started practicing law in a large law firm, I learned that the other lawyers who started with me were paid $8,000 a year. I was paid $6,000 a year (with wife and 3 kids).  I learned I was paid less because the others went to Harvard, Michigan, Yale, etc, and I went to West Point and the University of Illinois for law school. I was deemed not as smart, less worthy, than my colleagues. Today, of course, young lawyers who learned of this disparate treatment would be crushed. My reaction? Use this as positive motivation to pursue a
new personal philosophy which I invented, that day,
which, since then , I have called: ‘win by winning.’ This means win by doing better, working harder, rather than by complaining that you have been ‘unfairly treated´ It worked.”
– Fred H. Bartlit, Jr.

“Fred Bartlit is a…

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