Raccomandazioni su “non fare”: un database del NICE

NICE ‘do not do’ recommendations

What are the NICE ‘do not do’ recommendations?

During the process of guidance development NICE’s independent advisory bodies often identify NHS clinical practices that they recommend should be discontinued completely or should not be used routinely. This may be due to evidence that the practice is not on balance beneficial or a lack of evidence to support its continued use. It is these recommendations that have been pulled together into the ‘do not do’ recommendations database.

The NICE ‘do not do’ recommendations database was created, and is maintained, by NICE’s Research and Development team. Read further information about the team´s work.

What is in the NICE ‘do not do’ recommendations database?

The NICE ‘do not do’ recommendations database contains all the ‘do not do’ recommendations that have been made since 2007. These have been abstracted from NICE cancer service guidance, clinical guidelines, interventional procedures and technology appraisals guidance. They will be updated or replaced as new guidance is published.

Each record contains the ‘do not do’ recommendation and includes additional information including the intervention, health topic, the guidance it comes from (with a link to the relevant paragraph in the guidance) and the other ‘do not do’ recommendations from the same guidance. Each recommendation also includes the health care setting that describes the main clinical environments in which the intervention or investigation may be initiated. The health care setting is subject to vary according to local arrangements.

Search the NICE ´do not do´ recommendations database.

What about ‘do not do’ recommendations before 2007?

NICE introduced optimal practice review ‘recommendation reminders’ from December 2006, as part of a set of products to help the NHS make better use of its resources. The reminders aimed to help the NHS reduce ineffective practice by highlighting selective ‘do not do’ recommendations from NICE guidance issued between 2000 and 2006.

The optimal practice reminders are still available, along with electronic templates for estimating the local cost implications.

See all NICE optimal practice review recommendation reminders.

This page was last updated: 02 February 2011

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