Tre fattori: urgenza, empatia, innovazione. Quando sono presenti, individui e organizzazioni tendono a raggiungere migliori risultati.
Il problema è anche quello di “sostenere” urgenza, empatia e innovazione per non far cadere la tensione.

Live & Learn

Using Crisis Response Factors in the Absence of a Crisis by Harvard Business Review

“…What is it about a crisis that causes people and organizations to step up to new levels of performance?

There are three factors that are always present in the human response to them:

  1. Urgency: is the realization that time matters — that there are clear goals and even clearer consequences if they are not achieved quickly
  2. Empathy: is the identification that people feel with the crisis, the sense that we are connected and that one day we could be in the same situation and would want others to help us too
  3. Innovation: is the freedom to respond in ways that are out of the ordinary, that don’t get caught up in red tape, approvals, and complex decision-making.

Whenever these three factors are present, individuals and organizations tend to raise their game.

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